Woman Child

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Woman Child


Salvant is the newest great promise of a female jazz vocalist to carry on the traditions of the greats. In this, her first release, she displays a deep, powerful voice with lots of athletic flexibility, with perhaps a few too many references to everyone from Billie Holiday to Sarah Vaughan. Born in the US, Salvant moved to France and started her singing career in Paris in 2007. She moved back to the States and won the Thelonious Monk vocal competition in 2010. 

She first appeared on Jackie Terrasson’s Gouche and in early 2013 released her first CD Woman Child, which has now been reissued by Mack Avenue Records on a two LP package incorporating two bonus tracks not found on the CD. She is backed by a quartet led by Aaron Diehl on piano and sings two of her own compositions, but mostly stretches out on well known songs composed before her parents were born. She knocks most of these numbers, such as John Henry and What A Little Moonlight Can Do clear out of the park and has you wondering what she will do for a sophomore release. The handsome foldout cover supplies extensive details on the instruments used and the recording process, and the exceptional sound is supplied for vinyl via Kevin Grey’s mastering.

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