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Woo Audio WA33

channel system and was pleasantly surprised by its wonderful soundstaging, openness, transparency, natural timbre, and fine detail retrieval. I can imagine several audiophiles using the WA33 as a balanced linestage in their reference systems. It’s that good!

The Woo Audio WA33 is a terrific headphone amplifier, as well as a balanced linestage preamplifier suitable for use in the finest audio systems. It should drive any dynamic or planar magnetic headphone without a problem and the overall sound is glorious with a rich, but naturally detailed, tonal balance, explosive dynamics, and powerful and extended bass. Better still, its superb performance will keep you listening late into the night.


Woo Audio WA33 headphone amplifier

Type: Fully-balanced, push-pull, Class-A tube-driven headphone amplifier

Tube Complement: 4 × 6C45 driver, 4 × 2A3 power, and 1 × 5U4G rectifier 

Inputs: XLR × 2, RCA × 1

Outputs: Dual 3-pin XLR (left and right channel), 4-pin XLR × 1 and ¼” (6.3mm), XLR x 1 preamp

Headphones impedance: 8 to 600 Ohms

Tube Complement: 6C45 driver × 4, 2A3 power × 4, 5U4G rectifier

Colors: Black or Silver

Frequency Response: 10Hz–60kHz, -2dB

Weight: 53 lbs. (standard version); 56 lbs. for Elite Edition

Price: $7999 (standard build, as reviewed; optional Elite version is $14,999)


Woo Audio

Long Island City, NY 11101

+1 (917) 773-8645

URL: wooaudio.com

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