Woo Audio WES Electrostatic Amplifier (Playback 54)

Headphone amps and amp/DACs
Woo Audio WES Electrostatic Amplifier

Look elsewhere if:

•You love electrostats, but want to balance their analytical clarity with a touch of warmth or glow.

Ratings (relative to other cost-no-object electrostatic amps):

•Tonal Balance: 9
•Clarity: 9.5
•Dynamics: 9.5
•Input/Output Flexibility: 8.0
•Value: 8.0


The very good news about the Woo WES is that it mostly gets out of the way and doesn’t impose much character on the sound of the Stax headphones. We judge this by looking at how accurately the Stax portrays well-known musical sounds.

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