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If Y-der size is eye-catching, then the €40,000+VAT B-yond amplifier is striking in its design for entirely different reasons. If you hold to the sci-fi theme, then Y-der are the aliens and the B-yond is the UFO itself. B-yond is a hybrid design, combining a valve input in the preamplifier stage, and a beefy Class D power amplifier design. Unlike many Class D models, however, the amplifier doubles its power output between eight and four ohms, delivering a claimed 350W into eight ohms and 700W into four. YAR claims very high damping factor for the amplifier stage, and the switching amplifier with its switch-mode power supply is designed without any kind of ultrasonic attenuation.

A big part of the B-yond’s design principle is the chassis itself. Its shell is made of carbon fibre and aluminium, which is claimed to deliver “better vibration isolation and enhanced shielding of the electromagnetic waves” compared to conventional amplifiers according to YAR. The distinctive middle hump is for the array of valves.

The amplifier also includes both single-ended RCA phono inputs (and a set of preamp outputs) and the provision for a USB DAC. This can support PCM files up to 32-bit-384kHz, DSD 64x to 256x, DoP to 128x, and MQA. There is also full UPnP support.

The €10,000+VAT Feeld is a stand for amplifiers, CD players, and even turntables. It is claimed to offer a significant increase in sound and image quality. Feeld uses a proprietary sandwich of materials designed to reduce vibration and provide greater stability for each device’s electrical circuitry. It uses carbon-fibre inserts that have been carefully positioned to transmit any unwanted floor bounce directly to the damping layer. The special design of the upper surface creates a solid base, which is isolated from the residual vibrations transmitted by the rest of the structure. 

Feeld’s central openings – that run the length of the structure – enable air to pass through the base, for optimum cooling of the electronic elements each platform supports. They also prevent resonance between the parallel surfaces of the support surface and the base. The base is positioned on the floor by means of four pivot supports, rather than spikes or decouplers.

The newest addition to the YAR line-up, the €25,000+VAT YAR cables are fully symmetrical for conductor and shield. YAR plays its cards close to its chest here, merely stating that the cables use company’s proprietary technologies to couple with the B-yond and Y-der in a manner rather hard to achieve outside of the bespoke audio world. YAR provides the full spread of cables, from power cord to speaker cable, with all kinds of analogue and digital designs (except Ethernet) in standard and custom sizes.

The whole concept is bespoke. Clients can order a system with personalized finishings to better fit their tastes and home interior design. The overall purchase experience is very similar to that of a supercar, where each element is defined with the client in advance. 

Normally, where a product comes from is merely worth mentioning in passing, at best setting the product in context. But YAR – alongside Giancarlo Sopegno and CEO Adriano Marconetto – are from Turin in Italy, and the Torinisiare industrious and stylish people. YAR’s industrial design and engineering smarts are channelling a city that gave us Bertone and Pininfarina. It’s also hard not to think of Turin without thinking of Fiat’s Gianni Agnelli, the grandmaster of Sprezzatura(effortless, almost nonchalant, style). That background sings out loud in the YAR concept, and for all its sci-fi background, it’s pure Turin! 

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