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YAR is an ambitious concept that sits far outside of the norm for good audio, but is up there with the very best audio systems in the world. It’s a one-stop shop for the wealthy music lover who doesn’t want to go through all the usual rigmarole of system-building and comparative demonstrations. There have been other shots at this goal, but few score like YAR, as it has the sonics to more than match the style. The complete system breaks the mould, and does so for some very, very good reasons. 

Technical specifications


Drive units: 2x 250mm planar woofers.  2x planar magnetic/isodynamic dipole midrange, 1x isodynamic dipole tweeter

Impedance: 6 ohm nominal (minimum 3 ohm)

Frequency response: 26 - 25,000 Hz

Sensitivity: 90 dB

Dimensions (WxDxH): 68x82x160cm

Weight: dependent on finish


Inputs: two line level analogue, digital coax, 2x Toslink optical, 2x USB,

Bluetooth, network (WiFi with dongle)

Outputs: tape/preamp out

Valve compliment: 4 x 12BH7A 

Power stage: 2 x mono Class D modules

Power output: 350W per channel into eight ohms


Formats supported: PCM to 32bit, 44.1kHz to 384kHz, DSD 64x to 256x, DoP 64x to 128x, MQA decoding on USB, aptX decoding on Bluetooth

Dimensions (WxDxH): 56x48x16cm 

Weight: 12kg


Finish: any colour on request

Dimensions (HxWxD): 690x505x445mm

Weight: 15kg

Complete system: €200,000 + VAT

Manufactured by: YAR

URL: yaraudio.com

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