• Nordost Tyr Cable (Hi-Fi+)

    Nordost Tyr Cable (Hi-Fi+)

    Cables, eh? Can’t live without ‘em, can’t show ‘em off to friends at dinner parties… Whatever your take on cables, from unreconstructed nihilist, (“once you’ve reached a basic electrical standard, all cables sound the same, ...
  • Crystal Cable Ultra Loom

    Crystal Cable Ultra Loom

    “Gregory using cables from someone other than Nordost!” I can see the shock in certain quarters already. But settle down at the back there. This isn’t as big a reach as it might appear, because ...
  • Furutech Pure Transmission Cable System

    Furutech Pure Transmission Cable System

    In 1988 the Japanese firm Furutech began to offer audio cables based on ultra high-purity, single-crystal copper conductors produced via the Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) process, and ever since has enjoyed a reputation for creating ...

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