Meet your Maker - Boulder

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Solid-state preamplifiers,
Integrated amplifiers,
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Meet your Maker - Boulder

 Boulder Amplifiers is located in a small semi-industrial area south east of downtown Boulder, Colorado.

With 20 full-time employees, all Boulder products are designed, and manufactured almost entirely within its factory.

Only Anodizing is done elsewhere.

The final assembly area at Boulder amplifiers.

Boulder model 850 Mono block amplifiers awaiting completion.

Boulder model 2060 stereo power amplifier side panels after anodizing.

One of the only processes Boulder doesn’t do in-house is anodizing.

To avoid flaws, parts being sent out for anodizing are bolted to aluminium sheets, which are then placed into wooden shipping boxes.

The anodizer never has to touch the actual parts because they are bolted to the sheet and the entire unit goes through the anodizing process.

Boulder model 1021 disc player during assembly.

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