Meet your Maker - Boulder

Solid-state power amplifiers,
Solid-state preamplifiers,
Integrated amplifiers,
Multi-format disc players

Boulder has several heavy-duty variacs in their final test area. They also have a full Audio Precision test suite.

Here are a pair of model 850 mono block amplifiers awaiting final testing. Boulder prides itself on having zero returns on new products.

Boulder employs extensive use of computer-aided design. Here we see their model 860 stereo power amp on the computer screen.

Boulder's listening room has Wilson Alexandria X-2 speakers tethered to Boulder 2050 mono block amplifiers.

The front end includes a Boulder model 1021 disc player and model 1012 DAC preamplifier. 

The model 1021 easily read my 96\24 wave files.

The sound was effortless and totally involving. During the entire hour-long listening session I was focused on the music, not the electronics. Although every Boulder product is a work of industrial art, the component's functionality and sonic invisibility may even trump its physical beauty.

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