Aavik Acoustics U-150 Unity integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifiers
Aavik Acoustics U-150 Unity
Aavik Acoustics U-150 Unity integrated amplifier

When it comes down to it, the Aavik U-150 stands independent its bigger brother. It reaches a different market and maybe those looking for a €25,000 amp will not even countenance the idea of a €10,000 amp, even if they perform almost identically. But at that €10,000 price point, the world just got a new champion. There can’t be many amplifier brands that would do something quite as bold as Aavik has done here! 


Type: integrated amplifier

Inputs: Three line-level single-ended stereo pair RCA analogue inputs, 

Optional inputs: stereo pair RCA inputs for phono, two S/PDIF Coaxial digital inputs with RCA connectors. One Toslink S/PDIF connection. USB B. 

Outputs: Five way loudspeaker terminals, RCA pair

Digital formats supported: (USB and S/PDIF RCA) PCM up to 32-bit, 192kHz, , DSD 64, DSD 126, MQA to be confirmed. (S/PDIF Toslink) PCM up to 24‑bit, 96kHz

Power output: 30W into 8Ω, 600W into 4Ω

Attenuation: -80dB to 0dB in 80 steps

Frequency response: not specified

THD+N: <0.006% (1–100W, 8Ω)

IMD: 0.0008%

Dimensions (W×D×H): 44 ×37 ×8.8cm

Price: €10,000 (basic version)

Manufactured by: Aavik Acoustics

URL: www.aavik-acoustics.com

Tel: +45 40 51 14 31

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