Accuphase E-650 integrated amplifier

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Accuphase E-650 integrated amplifier

One rule with Accuphase power seems to be ‘don’t get hung up on the numbers’; the company states ‘guaranteed’ performance specifications, and the real-world performance usually comfortably exceeds these. So Accuphase Watts tend to be beefier than regular Watts, and Accuphase Class A Watts are beefier still. In terms of ability to deliver a satisfyingly visceral musical experience, the 30 Class A Watts of the E-650 easily bested the 100 Class A/B Watts of the E-370. I suspect this is partly down to the fact that Class A is ‘always on’, the power supply delivers the same output regardless of the music demands, so there’s no additional strain in the hot and heavy bits. I’ve heard other Class A amplifiers in the notional 25-30 Watt range, and they all do this to a degree but the Accuphase is definitely one that makes it possible to simply ignore the numbers as, frankly, rather irrelevant.

And that’s as it should be, really. We’re here to enjoy our music, the numbers are for those who have a use for them. Taken together with the low output impedance and high damping factor it all seems more than sufficient, and unless you listen at stadium levels in a room the size of a squash court, the E-650 feels entirely likely to be able to rise to the occasion. It doesn’t seem to run particularly hot, either, which is great when you’re tied to the house and the weather turns warm…

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