Albarry M1108 power amplifiers

Solid-state power amplifiers
Albarry Music Ltd. M1108
Albarry M1108 power amplifiers

Okay, so I was wrong.

In my review of the M608 amps for issue 90 I cited Albarry’s designer, Neil Burnett, saying “He thinks its 60 Watts output is enough for most situations when you’ve got that sort of headroom for dynamics, and I believe he may be right”. It was pretty clear to me, from my time with the M608s, that their modest 60W output, coupled with the enormous reserves of the unfeasibly oversized power supply, would probably prove sufficient in most circumstances. And to be fair, so it has proved in practice since then.

But... but… it still turns out that I was wrong, because it also turns out that, as far as the Albarrys go at least, there’s more to it than simply the on-paper power output.

Some markets demand more than 60 Watts if you’re to be taken seriously, so Albarry developed the M1108, a 110 Watter shoehorned neatly into exactly the same casework as the M608. (This may be a boon to existing Albarry owners who, having read this review, may decide that a little surreptitious upgrading is necessary, without having to answer any awkward questions about ‘those new boxes’).

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