Ansuz X Series cables and power conditioner

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Ansuz X Series cables  and power conditioner

The top-of-the-tree cables always get the praise (and the flak) because they offer cost-no-object performance for cost-no-object systems.  The trouble is, so many times in audio, if you see the cost... you’ll object! The best isn’t easy to do, but it is a lot harder to climb down from the mountain top and make something that works, and works well in context. That is exactly what X-Series does. It brings a lot of the sound of top Ansuz cable to the distinctly attainable level. What it sacrifices in the process is often no real sacrifice because it will be used in the context of good – but also attainably-priced – audio electronics. That, in a very real way, is a lot harder to do, because there are often more ideosyncrasies in more attainably expensive equipment. X-Series is extremely well balanced for its market.

Price and contact details

Mainz X power cable: €600/1m.

Mainz 8 X.TC Distribution box: €1,500

Signalz X RCA interconnect: €400/1m

Digitalz X BNC interconnect: €240/1m

Speakz X loudspeaker cable: €1,200/2m 

Manufactured by: Ansuz Acoustics


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