Anthem Statement M1

Solid-state power amplifiers
Anthem AV Solutions Statement M1
Anthem Statement M1

There’s no arguing with the imaging here, which seemed precise and well focused in both left-to-right and depth dimensions. A distinct difference in character seems to exist between solid state and valve equipment, and if one draws a line that goes from ‘extreme valve’ (single-ended triode) via the hybrids to ‘extreme solid state’, the M1’s essentially dry delivery, alongside its exceedingly tight sense of control, places it firmly at the solid state end of the spectrum.

The Anthem Signature M1 does a number of things very well indeed. It’s immensely powerful, and goes exceptionally loud without any obvious drama, even when driving a known ‘difficult’ load, while the casework and heatsink fins remain merely warm at all power levels. Some care needs to be taken over supporting the amplifiers, as our samples didn’t sit properly on their four fitted feet, and certainly sounded better when using proprietary tripod arrangements. The overall character is clean and dry with a wide dynamic range, though some lack of top end sparkle and ‘air’ also seemed audible under our conditions.

Technical Specifications

Type: Class D monoblock power 


Input sensitivity: 3.2V for 1,000W/8ohms

Input impedance: 10kohms (RCA), 

20kohms (XLR)

Rated power outputs: 1,000W/8ohms; 


Power consumption (typical in use): 300W

Dimensions (WxHxD): 49x5.7x47.6cm

Weight: 9kg

Price: £3,499 per channel

Manufactured by: Paradigm Electronics 



Distributed by: Anthem AV Solutions


Tel: +44 (0) 1825 750850

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