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I used an APL DSD-S DAC for some years, for many of the reasons outlined in this review. It never put a foot wrong, always sounded like real music and was one of those ‘best-kept secrets’ in audio. When I played it to people – both audio veterans and hi-fi neophytes – it was rare to find someone who didn’t like what they heard, unless they were too far down one of the ‘this is how digital should sound’ rabbit holes to be objective. The DSD-SR Mk 2 effectively knocks the older DSD-S into the weeds yet retains the same basic performance characteristics.

I don’t want APL to stay the best-kept secret in high-end audio, however. The DSD-SR Mk 2 deserves to be better known, because if more people knew what digital is really capable of, then digital audio would make that next jump in performance that it so desperately needs. If there were more Alex Peychev’s designing products of the calibre of the DSD-SR Mk 2, we’d be collectively less willing to put up with what passes for good digital audio today.


Digital Inputs: 2x RCA coaxial and 1x Toslink S/PDIF, 1× AES/EBU balanced, USB-B, Proprietary DTR input for APL devices

Resolution: 24-bit, 192kHZ PCM (S/PDIF, AES/EBU), 32bit, 384kHz, DSD128 (DoP), DSD256 (nativeDSD)

Analogue outputs: 2× RCA single-ended, 2× XLR balanced

Output voltage: 2.4V rms (balanced 2.4V+2.4V rms)

Output impedance: c. 150Ω, resistor limited

Finishes: Black, silver

Dimensions (W×H×D): 45 × 11 × 28cm

Weight: 12kg

Price: €15,000

Manufacturer: APL hi-fi

URL: aplhifi.com

Tel: +359 899 225 411 

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