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About Artnovion 

Based in Portugal, Artnovion is the leading manufacturer of high quality acoustic panels. The company's extensive portfolio includes a range of absorption and diffusion panels, bass traps, portable acoustic products and a great selection of acoustic solutions. Artnovion's three business divisions - Pro Audio & Studio, Residential & Hi Fi/Home Cinema, and Architectural & Engineering - service the needs of a growing international customer base that includes recording and broadcasting studios, educational establishments, hotels and restaurants, home cinemas and residential developments, factories and workplaces. 

Artnovion products are distributed worldwide. 

‘Sound is an audacious and powerful living element. An element that shapes the perception of our universe and embraces our senses. Curious about this elegant interaction I have nurtured a passion for sound ever since I can remember. 

Driven by the challenges of unravelling the mysteries of sound, I have been travelling through an extraordinary life journey of studying, imagining and creating acoustic innovation. 

Artnovion has become my life’s mission, the canvas I created to share this journey with you.’ - Jorge Castro, CEO, Artnovion. 


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