Audiomica Europa Ultra Reference and Genimides Ultra Reference

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Audiomica Europa Ultra Reference,
Audiomica Genimides Ultra Reference
Audiomica Europa Ultra Reference and Genimides Ultra Reference

Going back to Ekapa Lodumo by way of conclusion, as a means to convey the delights of Abdullah Ibrahim’s music, the Audiomica cable set is exceptional. That album doesn’t just pique my interest, it captures my heart, and if a cable can do that, it’s pretty much got it made in my book. Here, there is more sense of three-dimensionality, the big band is bigger, plays tighter with seemingly superior skill, and even more enthusiasm, but also with a greater sense of give and take between the parts. The piano has more bounce, and Ibrahim’s playing has more physicality.

This is not simply a big, brash, blowsy performance, but a properly thought through musical event. The chaos that is the first third of ‘African Market’ is now clearly conveying the riotous, joyous, cacophonous delight of a real African market, and when the piece settles into its groove, it is all but impossible not to be carried along. And why would you possibly want to resist?

Price and contact details

Audiomica Europa Ultra Reference interconnects: £1,330 (1m RCA termination)

Audiomica Genimides Ultra Reference loudspeaker cable: £1,800 (3m stereo pair)

Manufacturer: Audiomica Laboratory Company


UK Distribution: MusicWorks (UK) Ltd


Tel: +44(0)161 491 2932

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