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Audion International Black Shadow 2

In ultimate terms, the Audion Black Shadow 2’s effortless and openness means recordings that are not sympathetic to those musical goals sound thin and flat. The downside with living in 2015 is there are a lot of recordings from the last 20+ years that have heavy signal compression. While the classical and jazz idioms are mostly free from this blight, rock and pop recordings suffer greatly, and the Audion amps do not take kindly to this form of compression. Where less open-sounding amplifiers mask the horrors of this kind of peak loudness recording style, the Audion leaves nowhere to hide, and that will make a lot of new recordings hard to hear.

SET amps aren’t for everyone, but the Audion Black Shadow 2’s show just how seductive they can be. This is a beguiling amplifier, with the sort of effortless sound that wins people over. Correctly partnered and used with music not plagued by peak loudness, this hot running amp will inflame the passions.

Technical Specifications

Type: Zero feedback, single-ended triode mono power amplifier

Tubes: 1× 845, 1× 6922/6H23N, 1× E182CC per channel

Power output: 25W Class A into 8Ω

Loading: four and eight ohm nominal

Frequency Response: 13Hz–34kHz ±3dB

Distortion: < 0.1%

Noise: < (CCIR) –90dB

Sensitivity: Variable > 150mV full output

Dimensions (W×H×D): 26×25×46cm (per channel, excl. tubes)

Weight: 12kg per channel

Price: From £7,000 per pair

Manufactured by: Audion International


Distributed in the UK by: Deco Audio


Tel: +44 (0)1296 422224

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