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AudioQuest Niagara 7000

This quality isn’t just reassuring, it invites you to get creative with the additional possibilities offered by the Niagaras in the context of bigger and more complex systems. Want to completely isolate digital front-end or streaming components from both each other and the analogue elements in your system? Look no further than a Niagara 7000. The same holds true for a phono front-end or turntable: remember all that early Lingo-related angst? Now the much-maligned power supply can finally improve the sound of your record player without ruining the sound of your system. Running active subs and a set of mono-blocs at the far end of the room? A Niagara 5000 will do nicely, seeing as you don’t need the low-noise, source-optimized sockets. In fact, if there’s a criticism of the 7000 it’s that it arguably wears too many hats. As a solution for a straightforward, co-located system it’s hard to fault, but in bigger systems – the ones that tend to spread across the listening room – a half-sized 6000 with just the high-current outlets and an 8000 with no high-current but three isolated banks of low-noise outlets (one each for a streaming, an optical disc/DAC and analogue front-end/line-stage) would be an even more elegant solution. Still, who knows what’s on the AudioQuest drawing board? 

As it stands, for those who live in apartments or situations where they can’t control their AC environment, the Niagara 7000 is an audio godsend. Put it between your system and the wall (and those ‘noisy neighbours’ beyond it) and you are going to hear much more of what’s on your recordings – and much more of what your system can do with them. For those of us who are complacently assuming that our dedicated audio AC lines mean that we don’t need to worry about extra boxes like the AudioQuest, it’s time to think again. The musical improvements that result from using the Niagara 7000 to drive some or all of your system can be as fundamental as they are significant. It will make your system sound better, but more importantly, it will make it more engaging and more rewarding, even if that reward takes the shape of the frigid desolation of Shostakovich’s Leningrad Symphony! Given the history, it’s easy to dismiss AudioQuest’s ambitious and expensive power conditioner; given its performance that would be tantamount to cutting off your sonic nose to spite your musical face. Listen and you may well be seriously surprised.


Type: AC conditioner

Input: 20A IEC

Outlets: 3×High-current (4 in Eu or US) AC; 2×3 (4 in Eu or US) isolated low‑noise AC

Additional Features: Transient Power Correction on high-current outlets; Surge and over-voltage protection; Ground Noise-Dissipation System; Dielectrically-Biased isolation transformers

Dimensions (W×H×D): 445 ×134 ×437mm

Weight: 36.8kg

Price: £7,995

Manufacturer: AudioQuest


Tel: +31 165 54 14 04

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