Aurorasound VIDA phono stage

Aurorasound VIDA

Switching needles for a Dynavector DV-20XH proved that the MM input has enough gain for high output MCs. The result wasn’t as refined as the dearer Rega, but the timing got pretty close and the imaging has plenty of solidity. In a quest to get a fuller picture, a bigger turntable in the form of SME’s mightly Model 20/3A was brought to the party. This has the Series V arm carrying a Van den Hul Condor moving coil and the combination delivered oodles of character from a variety of records. I had a bit of a session with The Mothers of Invention that revealed just how even, open, and transparent the VIDA is. There is an emphasis on the midband that reminds one of a tube stage, but the bass has plenty of power and the treble is well extended if a little sweet as mentioned above. 

The Aurorasound VIDA is a very easy phono stage to enjoy. It makes the most of all manner of cartridges and turntables, emphasising the qualities of each, and letting you forget about the mechanics. It won’t be the first choice of those looking for maximum bandwidth, but it does offer a lot of tube charm without the noise and hum issues often associated with the breed. Just as importantly, it is very nicely built. If the company could just find a Leben style badge, it could be a worldwide hit! 


Type: Two-piece, solid-state, MM/MC phono stage

Phono inputs: Two pairs single-ended (via RCA jacks)

Analogue outputs: One pair single-ended (via RCA jacks)

Input Sensitivity: Not specified

Input impedance: 10 Ohm, 100 Ohm, 47kOhm

Input capacitance: Not specified

Output impedance: Not specified

Output level: Not specified

RIAA linearity: +/– 0.25dB, 10Hz–20kHz

Distortion: 0.025% THD, MC A-weighted

Signal to Noise Ratio: Not specified

Dimensions (H×W×D): 

Phono stage preamp: 100 × 260 × 250mm

Power supply unit (PSU): 70 × 114 × 200mm

Weight: 4.4kg

Price: £3,695

Manufacturer: Aurorasound


UK Distributor: Puresound

Tel: +44 (0) 1822 612449


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