Black Rhodium Tempo interconnect and Samba loudspeaker cables

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Black Rhodium Tempo Stereo Interconnect
Black Rhodium Tempo interconnect and Samba loudspeaker cables

How do you get from a twist to a twirl to a samba? Not at your local Latin dance club, unless you are in Black Rhodium’s hometown of Derby perhaps, and following the cable naming this company has been applying to its range of twisted speaker cables.

There is arguably nothing new in the cable world, but the use of twisted cable is comparatively rare. The layout has good ‘form’, though; Kimber Kable and The Chord Company are both advocates. The benefit is a reduction in RFI pick up; it reduces the cable’s ability to act as an aerial, which means less noise alongside the signal… and that’s always got to be a good thing. Samba replaces Salsa in BR’s catalogue. It has the same silver-plated copper conductors, but the silicone rubber insulation is twice as thick. The thinking behind this is that it spaces the conductors further apart and this reduces the effect that the magnetic fields created by the signal in each conductor can have on one another. The drawback is that the spacing reduces the degree to which RFI is blocked, so as usual in hi-fi you are trading one advantage for another.

My sample of Samba was terminated in heavyweight, rhodium-plated 4mm plugs, which have a barrel that forces the pin out once it’s in the socket for a good contact. The cable is a little confusing when you first install it, because the colour coding on the plugs is rather subtle – just red or white lettering on a gun metal background. Adding to the fun are direction arrows that run in opposite directions on either strand; make sure the red side has the arrows going away from the amp. Build quality is solid with shrink wrap collars at either end to maintain the twist, and I rather like the feel of silicone rubber… but that’s possibly saying too much!

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