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Bringing the Elysian preamplifier into the system was initially a bit disappointing. It doesn’t have as much openness as it could and image depth seems curtailed, but further listening made it apparent that the image is projected in front of the speakers to a far higher degree than usual. And, more importantly, once you get used to the presentation it becomes clear that the CAAS trio is one of the most musically engaging and resolving amplification systems around. As a combo, it is unusually even-handed, revealing oodles of detail in a highly coherent fashion. Some will prefer a more overtly ‘open’ presentation, but the CAAS combo makes that approach sound a little exposed, especially at higher volumes. The 802 D3 speakers in particular have rarely sounded better and certainly never timed so well. They are a surprisingly challenging load, so you need power and that usually undermines timing and finesse, but not here. This is a genuine ‘cake and eat it’ amplifier combo of the sort you can forget about and revel in the music without a care. The preamp is relaxed yet focussed, and has bass power that other preamps struggle to match. It is clearly more resolving in real terms than most and reveals detail that only the best alternatives can compete with. I tried it with a different pair of monoblocks, the P6 from Longdog Audio, which produced a lot more ‘air’ but kept the imaging up front at all times. This showed the CAAS to be consistent, and did not undermine the performance of the system, really filling the room with sound in the process.

Carl and Neil are to be congratulated. This pre/mono power combo is not only built to the highest standards, but makes high-resolution music with an effortless musicality that’s very hard to turn off. Audition if you dare. 


Elysian Pre-amplifier

Type: Class A line-stage preamplifier with fully complementary circuitry

Analogue inputs: Three pairs of XLR balanced connectors, two pairs of RCA single-ended inputs

Analogue outputs: One pair of XLR balanced outputs, one pair of RCA single-ended outputs

Input impedance: >27kohm

Output impedance: 60ohm

Bandwidth: <1Hz to >100kHz (-3dB)

Distortion: < 0.01% @ 1kHz (0dB level, 2V RMS)

Signal to Noise Ratio: ~100dB (A-WTD, 2V RMS)

Dimensions (H×W×D): 80 × 350 × 330mm

Weight: 8.6kg

Price: £7,200

Elysian Mono power amplifier

Type: Solid state DC coupled mono power amplifier

Analogue inputs: One pair of XLR balanced outputs, one pair of RCA single-ended outputs

Analogue outputs: One pair of speaker taps (via 5-way binding posts)

Power output: 100W @ 8 Ohms, 200W @ 4 Ohms, 20W Class A @ 8 Ohms

Bandwidth: 0.8Hz to >300kHz (-3dB)

Distortion: 0.01% @ 1kHz (1W into 8ohm)
<1% @ 1kHz (100W into 8ohm)

Signal to Noise Ratio: ~90dB at 0dBW output into 8 ohm (A-WTD)

Dimensions (H×W×D): 140 × 260 × 340mm

Weight: 11kg

Price: £4,500 each

Manufacturer: CAAS Audio Ltd


Distributor: Auden Distribution

Tel: 44(0)7917 685 759


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