Cardas Audio Clear Cygnus loudspeaker cable

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Cardas Audio Clear Cygnus
Cardas Audio Clear Cygnus loudspeaker cable

By definition, an audio cable of any description is doing a poor job. As a transmitter – rather than a creator – of musical signals, all any cable can do is either add or subtract things it shouldn’t. Many supposedly ‘best’ cables end up adding blooms and peaks that – while many find sonically attractive – are simply imposing their own stamp on the music. Cardas is one of the few cable companies that strive to do as little damage as possible. Clear Cygnus is arguably Cardas’ most affordable ‘do no harm’ loudspeaker cable to date. 

Sitting between Reflection and Sky (which sounds like a pretentious 1980s  album) and replacing Clear Light, Cygnus uses 4× 15.5 AWG pure copper Matched Propagation conductors in a quadaxial construction, using Cardas’ distinctive Golden Section Litz layout. The cable itself is 1.7cm in diameter and shares the blue Alcryn jacket, aluminium strain relief, and pressure forged, solderless copper connectors. Clear Cygnus can be supplied bi‑wired, too.

There’s a consistency to Cardas’ sound quality. Clear Cygnus is a cable that produces an honest and unforced sound, with a soundstage as free and open as the equipment allows, and a dynamic range that is as good as you’ll find at this price and beyond. There’s a sophistication to the performance that belies Clear Cygnus’ price; not over-refinement or sophistication at the expense of energy. Instead, Clear Cygnus has extended high-frequencies that never shout and never get in the way of the music. It’s only when you hear what so many others do, that you begin to realise just how rare that is.

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