Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire Headphone Amp (Playback 45)

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Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire Headphone Amp
Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire Headphone Amp (Playback 45)

Cavalli Audio is a well-respected producer of DIY headphone amplifier designs. As is often the case, these designs are the product of a particular and dedicated person, in this case Dr. Alex Cavalli. Cavalli has decided to move beyond the DIY market with the introduction of the Liquid Fire amplifier, which a fully finished (not kit-built) high-end amp available directly from Cavalli or from certain dealers.


The Cavalli Liquid Fire is a hybrid headphone amp, meaning that it uses a combination of tube- and solid-state-powered output circuitry. While hybrid circuits are not new, there are several aspects of the Liquid Fire design that are distinctive, as we have reported previously:

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