CES: First Reaction to 3D TV

CES: First Reaction to 3D TV

I had several opportunities to check out 3D TV at CES, which I did mainly because the hype was big. I don't regularly review displays, so my intent here is not to comment on the technology or the technical quality of what one could see. This blog is more about what I think an educated consumer would say in response to 3D.

Basically, I came away from time in the Samsung and Sony displays unimpressed. 3D is indeed very 3 dimensional. In fact to my eyes the effect was so exaggerated and unnatural that it didn't serve to be immersive; rather, it was a distraction. 3D TV depth often occurs in very clearly defined layers (which isn't how reality works -- it is continuous). 3D TV depth also seems to vary from scene to scene, not because of the distance of the horizon but because of the way the processing is done. This is particularly artificial when depth telescopes within a scene.

These are early days. Producers will probably learn to do this better. Processors and displays will get better. The effect might be much different with a larger screen. But right now it feels like typical home theater bass: overblown, ugly and unhelpful. Maybe I'm too happy with reality? Maybe I'm too sold on the idea that movies tell stories? Maybe I'm paying attention?

Interested in comments from others who've seen the technology.

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