CES Theme: Wireless HDTVs

Panasonic Flagship 1080p,
Panasonic TC-P54Z1,
Panasonic Viera Z1
CES Theme: Wireless HDTVs

Several manufacturers showed wireless high definition televisions. The idea is that full HD (1080p, uncompressed) video as well as audio can be transmitted to the television. This frees you from having to run an HDMI cable to the display. Theoretically this makes for a cleaner installation if you hang the TV on a wall. But of course you still have to get AC power to the display.

Here is Panasonic's press release on the subject:


VIERA Z1 Series Debuts One-Inch Thin Design, New Screen Size and Expanded VIERA Cast Functionality

LAS VEGAS, NV (January 7, 2009) Panasonic Corporation of North America (NYSE: PC), the industry leader in high definition and Plasma HDTV, today introduced its flagship1080p one-inch thin Z1 Plasma series. The NeoPDP HDTV features, in addition to the one-inch design and separate tuner box configuration, WirelessHD technology to deliver the ultimate in sleek, uncluttered panel cabling setup and an expansion of last year’s innovative internet enabled VIERA Cast functionality, that now incorporates Amazon’s Video-on-Demand service. The Z1 series will be available in the summer of 2009 in the new 54-inch class (54”measured diagonally) TC-P54Z1.

WirelessHD technology can transmit full HD video signals, and audio and control signals wirelessly. This wireless transmission system was developed by Panasonic in collaboration with SiBEAM Inc.  It can transmit uncompressed 1080p full HD content wirelessly with no deterioration in quality by using 60GHz millimeter wave radio.  The picture on the screen goes undisturbed even when people interrupt the wireless communication path, and overcomes the highly directional nature of millimeter wave radio. This is achieved by incorporating beam steering technology.  The Z1 will be certified with the WirelessHD Compliance Test, which meets the standard, procedures and equipment specifications established by the WirelessHD Promoters to assist Adopters in verifying WirelessHD product compliance.* Also, VIERA Link functionality is available via this wireless connection, allowing users to control all interconnected, compatible components using only the TV’s remote control.

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