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The CH Precision 10 Series has fundamentally changed my expectation of just how little an amplifier – any amplifier – can do. Transcending the traditional categories of tube or solid-state, high or low power, it has redefined musical performance, irrespective of partnering equipment or system context and it’s done it by doing less: doing less damage, imposing less compression, adding less noise and confusion. In doing so it gives each recording and each performer their own distinctive voice. In doing so it brings those voices to life. It’s contribution is so essential to convincing musical performance that although a single 10 Series component will significantly improve a system, you’ll find that two of them together are going to deliver more like four times the benefit! 

This stuff doesn’t happen very often (the last product to perform the exponential improvement trick was the Lyra Connoisseur phono and line stage – almost 20 years ago) so I’ll say it again: sometimes things really are just better – and this is one of those times. Very few of us will ever be fortunate enough to own CH Precision’s 10 Series components but before you dismiss this as another hagiography dedicated to absurdly expensive kit, pause to appreciate the benefits. The 10 Series has already generated trickle down benefits to the 1 Series, with more undoubtedly to come. But the real benefit lies in the gauntlet they throw down to the competition, the impetus they’ll add to the market in general. First exposure to a product like this can be as disturbing as it is exciting, but as a wise woman once sang, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feelin’ good!” 



Type: Dual chassis, line-stage preamplifier

Inputs: 8x Line-level (4pr XLR, 2 pr RCA, 2pr BNC) 

Outputs: 2pr XLR, 1pr RCA, 1pr BNC

Dimensions (W×H×D): 440 × 133 × 440mm each

Weight: kg (PSU) kg (Amplifier)


Type: Dual chassis, user configurable, solid-state amplifier

Inputs: 1pr XLR, 1pr RCA, 1pr BNC

Outputs: 2 prs 5-way binding posts/channel
1 pr XLR (pass-through)

Rated Output: 2× 300W/Ch (8 Ohms), 
2× 550W/Ch (4 Ohms)
1100W/Ch (8 Ohms bridged)

Dimensions (W×H×D): 440 × 285 × 510mm each

Weight: 78kg (PSU) 53kg (Amplifier)

Finishes: Grey, Anthracite, Champagne Gold

Prices: L10 stereo – £65,000
L10 four-box dual-mono – £111,400
M10 stereo – £83,600
M10 pair, mono, single-input card – £157,800

Manufacturer: CH Precision 
Sàrl, Préverenges, Switzerland

Tel: +41(0)217019040


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