Chord Electronics ULTIMA 5 stereo power amplifier

Solid-state power amplifiers
Chord Electronics ULTIMA 5

In short, then, the Chord Electronics’ ULTIMA 5 is monumentally capable. It has a reasonably uncommon combination of on-paper promise (all that innovative engineering, all those colossal numbers), visual drama (especially if you’re into the whole steampunk/Alan Moore aesthetic) and implacable performance that makes the asking price look as if entirely reasonable. It certainly doesn’t make any demands of you in terms of the type of music you prefer to listen to; the ULTIMA 5 plays no favourites and is as happy to explain the motivations of a king-sized symphony orchestra in full attack mode, as it is those of a rapper with a sampler and an 808. 

If you value energy as much as precision in the way your music is described, if you value precision as much as scale, and if you value scale as much as insight, well… the Chord Electronics ULTIMA 5 has you covered. As part of an appropriate system (for which read ‘appropriately expensive and equally capable’), it could conceivably be all the stereo power amplifier you will ever need. 


Type: Class AB sliding bias stereo power amplifier

Analogue inputs: One pair gold-plated unbalanced RCA jacks; one pair gold-plated balanced XLR jacks; one 12v trigger input (Chord Electronics auto‑start)

Analogue outputs: One pair high-current gold-plated speaker terminals

Power output: 300 watts RMS per channel @ 0.005% THD into 8 Ohms

Bandwidth: (-1dB) 0.5Hz–100kHz 

Sensitivity: Not specified

Distortion: As above

Signal to Noise Ratio: -100dB

Damping factor: between 5,000- 12,000

Dimensions (H×W×D): 150 × 420 × 360mm (as reviewed, with optional side blocks)

Weight: 22.4kg

Price: £9250

Manufacturer/distributor: Chord Electronics


Tel: 01622 721444

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