Cleer NEXT headphone

Cleer NEXT
Cleer NEXT headphone

The tonal balance of the NEXT is for the most part neutral, with beautifully controlled and deeply extended bass, open sounding mids, and revealing highs, but with a mild tendency toward upper midrange forwardness. For bass connoisseurs, the NEXT can be especially satisfying. Listen to the low percussion found on ‘Rites’, which is an excerpt from “Glimpses of Tibet” [10th Anniversary of Rhymoi: 2003–2013, Rhymoi Music, 16/44.1] and you’ll find the NEXT can play loud and low, while maintaining excellent pitch definition and control.

Ergonomically, the NEXT is easy to fit and comfortable to wear, though I would encourage Cleer to consider offering ear pads with fabric touch surfaces to help wick away perspiration. In day-to-day use, the well made NEXT is a joy to handle.

The NEXT is a fine first audiophile-grade headphone from Cleer. Stated simply, the headphone’s clarity, expressiveness, and control are music gifts that keep on giving.


Type: Open-back, dynamic driver-equipped headphone

Driver complement: 40mm Ironlessdynamic driver with magnesium diaphragm and patented ironless motor magnet assembly

Frequency response: 10Hz–45kHz

Sensitivity: 92dB

Impedance: 16 Ohms

Weight: 395g

Price: $699

Manufacturer Information: Cleer, Inc.

Tel: +1 (888) 672-5337


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