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Crystal Cable system

As the name suggests, Crystal Cable is best known for its range of interconnects, loudspeaker cables, and power cords. However, keen-eyed readers will note that the brand has spent all of this decade manufacturing loudspeakers, and for the past few years has been showing a distinctive amplifier (and plinth-like subwoofer) at Munich, Las Vegas, and more. Finally, that system is ready for prime-time.

However, unlike the other systems tested iin this issue, we took a step-by-step approach to assembling our Crystal system. We stayed with the basics: amp, speaker, and cable, although in this case it meant CCI integrated amplifier, two flavours of two-way loudspeakers, a clever little hat thing that sits on top of those loudspeakers, a subwoofer/loudspeaker stand, two ‘families’ of cable, and everything south of the dCS front end used by Crystal all made by the brand and all made in the company’s factory just outside of Arnhem in the Netherlands. Each of these steps along the way made a tangible and material difference to the performance of the system – some more significant than others. 

The rationale for the whole system approach is not the usual one. The company – joined at the hip to Siltech – isn’t making loudspeakers to make an impact in the loudspeaker market; it’s instead to deliver a design that’s both revealing enough to showcase what the loudspeakers can do and is as musically rewarding as Gabi from Crystal Cable might choose for her home listening. That’s the joy of both owning an audio brand, and having a husband who is one of the sharpest tools in the audio box; the world is your oyster. Rather than make follies or one-off projects for personal use, we all get to benefit!

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