Crystal Cable system

Integrated amplifiers,
AC power cords,
Loudspeaker cables,

It’s hard to pick out one component in all this for additional praise, as each step in the chain made a sound that you would struggle to think came from so small a system, but the next step made it even better. However, if it were just the one to choose, I’d probably go with the amplifier. It was a constant companion throughout the whole test, it harnesses a lot more of the performance of the extraordinary SAGA than a solid-state cube has any right to do, and it would never run out of steam at all during the test. But this is a close-run thing. I could just as easily find the Diamond loudspeakers (with the Scala) to be the best, and of course there are those excellent, svelte, cables...

The thing about this system is even at its entry point as discussed, it’s more than good enough. I suspect the reality is few will stay at this level. This is as much a proof-of-concept for Crystal Cable’s cable designs as it is a fine sounding system in its own right, and I suspect many of those who buy this system would never dream of staying with the basic cables used at the start of this test.


Crystal Cable Integrated Amplifier black finish: €13,000

Crystal Cable Integrated Amplifier black/gold finish: €15,000

Crystal Cable Minissimo: 
€10,000 per pair

Crystal Cable Minissimo Diamond: €16,000 per pair

Crystal Cable Scala: €999 per pair

Crystal Cable deep bass Subissimo: €10,000 

We started with

Crystal Cable Special silver/gold Interconnect: €714/1m pair

Crystal Cable Special silver/gold speaker cable: €1,374 (2.5m pair)

Crystal Cable Special Power silver/gold/copper: €274/1.5m cable

Next level was

Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond Interconnect: €2,749/1m pair

Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond Speak: €6,239/2.5m pair

Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond Power: €1,925/1.5m

Manufactured by: Crystal Cable


Distributed in the UK by: Padood Ltd


Tel: +44(0)1223 653199

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