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dCS Bartók
dCS Bartòk Network DAC

dCS has always been acknowledged for its high-resolution systems, but these days it has managed to merge that with a distinctly musical and indeed colourful feel.  Digitally streamed music through the Bartòk feels entirely joined-up and full of rhythmic transient movement and life.  Both the flow, tempo, and lack of digital emphasis are really satisfying, especially if you are someone who likes to immerse themselves in the whole atmosphere and performance.  

There is perhaps a rather understated, conservative austerity to the look of dCS equipment, but in use it has a driving, potent musicality about it that is anything but.  Regardless of the source, the Bartòk is a winner.  Used as a Network DAC it is extremely impressive.  But add its high-quality variable output stage and the certainty that updates will keep expanding its musical abilities into the future and it makes a lot of sense. I really can’t fault it.


Type: Upsampling network DAC (Headphone version available)

Converter: dCS proprietary Ring DAC

Digital Inputs: Network Interface through RJ45 connector, USB 2.0 on B-type connector, USB-on-the-go type A connector (Asynchronous mode), 2 ×AES/EBU XLR, 2 × SPDIF (1 × RCA /1 × BNC, 1 × optical Toslink

Analogue Outputs: 1 × stereo pair XLR, 1 × stereo pair RCA

Output levels: 0.2, 0.6, 2 or 6V RMS, selectable in the menu

MQA: Full decoding and rendering of MQA data from Network and USB ports

Upsampling Conversions: DXD as standard with option of DSD

Software Updates: Download through Bartòk app

Filters: PCM mode – up to 6 filters. DSD mode – 4 filters to progressively reduce out of band noise

Control: dCS Bartòk app. dCS Universal IR remote available as optional extra

Dimensions: 115 × 444 × 430mm (H×W×D)

Weight:16.7 kg

Colours available: Silver or Black

Price: £9,999

Manufacturer: Data Conversion Systems

URL: dcsltd.co.uk

Distributor: Absolute Sounds

URL: absolutesounds.com

Tel;: +44(0)20 8971 3909


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