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DigiBit Aria Mini
DigiBit Aria Mini media player

In conclusion, then, I really liked the Aria Mini, for its ease of setup, the simplicity and efficiency of the ripping process, and the simple, flexible and intuitive user interface. The abilities of the onboard DAC are good, on a par with a respectable CD player, but to really get the best out of it an external high quality DAC is going to be necessary. Doing that, the sound quality is elevated much closer to the potential of whatever DAC you’re using. While there is still something which holds back ultimate performance, in musical terms, compared to a CD played through a first class player, in a more price-sensitive context, the Aria Mini fares very well indeed.

As a way to add flexibility to a system, multiroom capabilities, and some backup and redundancy to one’s music collection, the Aria Mini would certainly meet my needs. I may be a bit of a Luddite in still preferring CD, but the Aria Mini got closer than most, and I don’t see any obvious gaps to the Aria Mini’s portfolio and I’d be very happy to use one. I suspect most people would feel the same.

Technical Specifications

Type: Music server/streamer with multizone support

Storage capacity: 2TB (2.5” silent HDD) or 1TB (SSD) (operating system on separate SSD card)

Software: Windows Home Server 11 (Linux planned for 2015); JRiver MC19; dBpoweramp (ripping).

Databases: Rovi, GD3 and SonataDB (for classical) (charges paid by Digibit) and two alternative free databases: Freedb and Musicbrainz

Inputs: USB digital; Apple Airplay; external DVD‑R; external USB HDD; 1 RJ45 (LAN)

Digital outputs: 1 USB; 1 RJ45 (LAN)

Analogue outputs: 1 pair, unbalanced RCA line level (2.0V output)

Supported file formats: Uncompressed (WAV, AIFF) and lossless (FLAC, ALAC); DSD, DSD × 2

Onboard DAC: Burr Brown 1795; PCM to 32 bits at up to 384 KHz and DSD64 / 128

Signal/Noise ratio:    106 dBA

Clock accuracy:10ppm 0°–50°C, typically 2.5ppm at 25°C

USB link:         asynchronous, USB 2.0 Audio class compliant

Dimensions: 260 × 285 × 130mm (W × H × D)

Weight:           2.5Kg

Price: Aria Mini, no storage £1995; Aria Mini, 2TB HDD £2295; Aria Mini, 1TB SSD £2795; external linear PSU approx £350 (to be confirmed)

Manufacturer: DigiBit

URL: www.digibit.es

Distributor: Auden Distribution

URL: www.audendistribution.co.uk

Tel: +44(0)7917 685 759

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