EarSonics SM3 Earphones from France

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EarSonic SM3
EarSonics SM3 Earphones from France

(Editiorial note: it’s not often we have the chance to welcome a new brand of in-ear headphones to the U.S. market, but that is exactly the case here with the new EarSonics SM3 earphones from France. Below, we present the text of the EarSonics’ press release on the SM3, along with a product image.).

EarSonics SM3 Defines the Best Earphone and is Now Available in the U.S. Exclusively at SoundEarphones

CINCINNATI, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Whether you want to place yourself in the middle of an opera or front row at your favorite rock concert, the new EarSonics SM3 in-ear-monitor lets you enjoy that experience from anywhere. This universal triple driver earphone is designed with the most demanding audiophile in mind, offering a "spot on" EQ, very tight and controlled bass, and superb mids. TheEarSonics SM3 is now available in the U.S. exclusively at SoundEarphones, your number one source for high-end earphones and headphones.

EarSonics, a leading French designer and manufacturer of high performance custom and universal professional in-ear-monitors tailored to musicians, sound engineers and the most demanding audiophiles, is now expanding its distribution to the U.S. market exclusively through SoundEarphones. "We are very pleased to represent the EarSonics line through SoundEarphones.com and are very excited about the new SM3 earphone," commented Michael Matossian, CEO. "Their groundbreaking technology is superb which provides authentic and unparallel sound quality that has quickly propelled EarSonics as the best quality earphone for the price currently on the market."

EarSonics has received numerous accolades including the Editor's Choice Award from TouchMyApps (June 24, 2010)......"The SM3 is an EASY to drive earphone -- it sounds great from almost any source…you don't need a portable headphone amp to make the SM3 really sing...the SM3 is a great earphone for audiophiles who laze around on their beds with 20K of audio equipment digging into their sternums; but it is also a professional earphone. Stage musicians strap tiny wireless mic/amps to their sides; they don't have the 'luxury' of pulling audio trailers behind them. Since the SM3 performs flawlessly from almost any source, the professional can hear their voice, their instrument with perfect clarity, which translates into better recordings/performances. The SM3, I think, should be Earsonics' poster boy. It is neutral. It is smooth. It is all that. It veers away from bass-stomping. It won't punch treble-holes in your ears. What is left is expressive, is emotional, is perfection. If touch and feel is your thing (and who doesn't like touching?), the SM3 is your earphone. Bar none, the SM3 is the most impressively thought out earphone I've HEARD." 

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