First Listen: Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla Headphones

Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla
First Listen: Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla Headphones

At CES 2010, Beyerdynamic introduced a new pair of top-of-the-line headphones. Due to a planning glitch, Playback Editor Chris Martens and I separately stopped by the Beyerdynamic booth and listened to the T1. Later on, when debriefing, we both agreed that the T1 seemed to have promise. Of course, listening to headphones at a tradeshow while thousands of hungover geeks and executives walk past talking on their Bluetooth headsets isn’t ideal. So, we phoned the accommodating people at Beyerdynamic and asked for a review set. Our test T1s just arrived, so we’ve started our listening. This report covers initial impressions (which we will revise later on with a full review).

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