First Listen: Moon Audio Silver Dragon iPod LOD (Line Out Dock) Cables

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Moon Audio Silver Dragon iPod LOD
First Listen: Moon Audio Silver Dragon iPod LOD (Line Out Dock) Cables

 These days there are specialty cables for everything, and the mobile audiophile has to wonder if it is all in the interest of better, more accurate sound. Certainly there are cables that make an audible difference, and sometimes an audible improvement. But there are also cables that seem unnecessary especially if you are on a budget. For this first listen, note that the Moon Audio LOD cables belong in the former group: i.e., they make a difference you can really hear.

Moon Audio has produced a cable for the iPod and iPhone that goes beyond normal cable benefits, though. This one effectively makes significant changes in the analog circuitry involved in the traditional iPod/iPhone-to-headphone-amp signal path. Recognizing that this statement might seem a bit misleading, allow me to explain.

Most iPod-to-amp cables are designed to plug in to the headphone outputs of the iPod, but not so the Moon Audio Silver Dragon iPod LOD (Line Out Dock) cables. No sir, those cables plug into the big multi-pin connector at the base of the iPod, and they deliberately bypass the iPod’s earphone/headphone amplifier circuits altogether. Thus, you get what traditional audiophiles would call a “line out” connection. This means, of course, that you have to use an external amplifier (not a bad idea anyway) when using the LOD cable. It also should mean better sound, because you don’t have all that extra and unnecessary iPod circuitry adding

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