Focal XS Book Desktop Speaker System (Playback 56)

Focal XS Book,
Focal XS Book Desktop Speaker System
Focal XS Book Desktop Speaker System (Playback 56)

The Focal XS Book is a two unit powered speaker with relatively compact dimensions (11” high x 4.5” wide x 7.9” deep). While aimed at the desktop market, where each speaker would normally be placed to the sides of a computer monitor, it’s compact dimensions and neat wiring also lend the XS Book to other uses. For example, you could simply use it with an iPhone, Android or iPod as a basic music system. You could also hook it up to the analog output of a television to improve the audio. We tested it primarily as a computer audio speaker in desktop, near field mode (about 2.5’ from speaker to listener), though we also tried it from farther away as you would use the speakers in the secondary applications just described.

The XS Book has a 4-inch mid/bass driver in a ported enclosure, crossed over at 3000 Hz to a 0.8-inch tweeter. The amplifiers are housed in the right speaker enclosure, which is also where the power cord and low level input are connected. The left channel signal from the amplifier is fed to the left speaker via a one-meter connecting cable from the right speaker. The XS Book has analog inputs only, accepting either a stereo mini-plug or L/R RCA inputs. A volume control is embedded on the top of the right speaker; there is no remote control offered.

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