Fostex TH610 headphones and HPA4BL DAC/Headphone amplifier

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Fostex HPA4BL,
Fostex TH610

For those looking for a beautifully made pair of headphones, which can do bass like the best of them, you should definitely audition these headphones. However, for me, they are a much more attractive proposition teamed up with the HBA4BL as a partner, which is not only an excellent Headphone/DAC amplifier for the money, but also is a match made-in-heaven for the headphones.

Sometimes it’s good to break up the band: The Yardbirds gave us Beck, Clapton, and Page. But this time you could end up with two Ringos, so they should stay together!  


Fostex TH610 Headphones 

Type: Over-ear closed- back headphone

Driver: complement Bio-dynamic 50mm diaphragm

Accessories: Detachable 3m cable with 6.35mm jack

Frequency response: 5Hz–45kHz

Impedance: 25 Ohm

Sensitivity: 98dB/mW

Weight: 375g

Price: £549

 Fostex HPA4BL DAC/Headphone amplifier

Type: High-resolution DAC/Headphone amplifier

Digital Inputs: One USB terminal Interface Hi Speed, compatible with 192kHz, DSD 2.8MHz, 5.6MHz, 11.2MHz, One Toslink Optical S/PDIF 192kHz

Analogue Outputs: One 4-pin balanced output, One 1/4” stereo jack, RCA 

Device drivers: Windows XP SP2 (XP 64-bit is not supported), Vista, 7.8, and MacOS X 10.6.1 or later

Digital filters: choice of 2 selecting roll-off characteristics and cut-off frequencies 

Controls: Power on/off and volume control

Power output: RCA 2Vrms (0 dBFS), unbalanced 300mW, balanced 300mW or more (32 ohm)

Distortion: less than 0.01% (at 1kHz)

Dynamic range: NA

Output impedance: RCA less than 10k ohm, balanced/unbalanced 16–600 ohm

Accessories: Rubber foot (×4), USB cable, AC adapter

Dimensions (H×W×D): 34 × 150 × 157mm including protrusion

Weight: 630g

Price: £399 

Manufacturer and information: Fostex 


Distributor: SCV Distribution

Tel: +44 (0)3301 222500


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