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GiK Acoustics Room Kit Package

Bass traps ameliorate these horrors. Not perfectly – to get really nasty room node problems under control takes measurement and frequency specific tuned treatment rather than the broadband traps in the corners as seen here – but the sound of the system will be improved in a way that you’d struggle to get no matter how big an upgrade you did to your audio equipment. These traps smooth out the bass and give it greater precision, depth and force, without the overhang and flab and boom that normally comes as part of the deal. The large tri-traps also allow you to use bigger speakers in a smaller room, because the bass control they confer on the room is like moving into a larger space.

Then there’s the side wall 242 panel treatment. This is difficult in my room, because the reflectors tend to sit too high to make any material difference, but they still act to significantly widen the soundstage and give it greater precision. If that third (ceiling) 242 panel is a step too far domestically, put it to use between and behind the speakers, where it seems to push the centre of the image forward. Finally that large Monster Trap sits behind your head, absorbing rear reflections and allowing the user to sit closer to the back wall without being plagued by comb filtered random reflections. 

Put simply, the net results allow the listener to take full advantage of better equipment, and get a better sound in any room. I’m surprised more retailers don’t take advantages of the benefits of the GIK system, as you can shoehorn bigger systems into smaller rooms with ease. I’m going out on a limb here, but if you have a good system in a room and haven’t considered something like the GIK kit, it isn’t a good system yet, no matter how much you spent. 

There’s no voodoo here, just the application of some very well established principles. While it’s not designed for specific narrow-band room booms or flutter echoes, as a broadband solution – and especially as a ‘drop in’ room treatment solution that helps overcome some of the more commonplace problems endemic to using a pair of loudspeakers in a domestic room – Package 

Technical Specifications

3x 242 Acoustic Panels

4x Tri-Trap Corner Bass Traps

1x MonsterTrap

Price: £716.40 (inc VAT)

Manufactured by: GiK Acoustics


Distributed in the UK by:

Tel: +44 (0)20 7558 8976

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