Grand Prix Audio Parabolica turntable

Grand Prix Audio Parabolica

In the same way that the Parabolica brings out the individuality and character in a performer, it does the same for matching tonearms. It’s not a fussy deck and its stable platform makes it applicable to any number of different partners: unipivot, gimbal, or linear tracking, it can be relied on to bring out the best in its matching arm, just as it reveals the musical core in different recordings. Most of my listening was with the Kuzma 4POINT/Lyra Etna combination, a pairing where the subtle dynamic and harmonic resolution of the cartridge dovetails perfectly with the power and stability of the arm and the authoritative platform provided by the deck. For me, the adjustable VTA facility of the arm is de rigeur,but for many listeners, I suspect that the Parabolica/4POINT9 combination, with its direct, lively sound, sense of musical intent and versatility when it comes to cartridge matching will represent the value sweet spot. It certainly offers an impressive mix of musical presence and rhythmic sophistication that gives music its own planted, positive, yet unforced pace and momentum. But either way, with a Kuzma or a different arm, it’s a mistake to see the direct drive Parabolica simply as a Monaco-lite or one trick pony. This is a beautifully balanced, agile and musically articulate performer; its pared back engineering is deeply reminiscent of the compact sophistication and purity of the Grand Prix heritage embedded in its DNA. There might be bigger or more comfortable decks; there are certainly those with more padding and (much) higher price tags, but for pure performance (and the purity of that performance) the Parabolica is awfully hard to beat. 


Type: Direct Drive Turntable

Bearing: Factory sealed, hydro dynamic

Speeds: 33 and 45

Tonearm Mount: Precision located, quick release

Tonearm Compatibility: Universal – no restrictions on type or length

Weight: 12.5kg

Dimensions: 13” diameter plus armboard extension

Finishes: Gloss carbon chassis, painted finishes to order

Price: £16,500

Manufacturer: Grand Prix Audio


UK Distributor: Definitive Audio

Tel.: +44 (0) 1159 733222


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