HDtracks Welcomes Verve Music Group In 96/24 Sound

HDtracks Welcomes Verve Music Group In 96/24 Sound

(Editorial Note: Late last week, AVguide received word that the HDtracks, the well-regarded high-res music download service, is now offering Verve Music Group offering in 96kHz/24-bit format. Below is the text of the HDtracks announcement, illustrated with a handful of Verve album covers to help convey, in part, the breadth, depth, and variety of the Verve catalog.).


HDtracks is proud to welcome, for the first time ever, the Verve Music Group in amazing 96/24 sound!

The Verve Music Group includes the premier jazz label, Verve Records.  The group’s unparalleled roster of current and catalog artists includes Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane, Jamie Cullum, Ella Fitzgerald, Herbie Hancock, Billie Holiday, Diana Krall, Susan Tedeschi and more.

HDtracks would like to thank the Verve Music Group for their relentless efforts in making sure these transfers were done with the utmost care to preserve the pristine sound quality of these amazing recordings.

How these amazing Verve transfers were done:

These Verve 96K masters were transferred using a combination of the best new and vintage equipment available.  The carefully chosen original analog masters were played back on vintage Studer 820 tape machines.  These machines provide the most stable transport for handling these priceless analog tapes.  The analog masters were converted to the digital domain using classic DCS 972 and Lavry analog to digital converters and recorded directly onto a SoundBlade Workstation with minimal processing in order to allow the music to be formatted for digital distribution.  The shortest signal path and highest quality cabling were used to prevent any signal loss and additional noise from being introduced into the transfer.  The entire digital process was driven with the Antelope Audio Atomic Clock, the industry leader in digital clocking technology.  It enables the entire digital process to reference the same highly regulated clock master, preventing any loss in the digital signal due to jitter and clock degradation.

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