HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier (Playback 56)

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HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

“The BHSE is available with one upgrade, an Alps RK50 volume control (possibly the best audio potentiometer in the world). Over 70% of buyers choose the upgrade. The standard volume control is a DACT stepped attenuator.”


While the main chassis and heat sink fins of the BHSE amplifier and power supply are always finished in satin black, owners can specify the color of the amp/power supply’s faceplates and trim pieces (several choices are available, as you’ll see from the photos accompanying this review).

This doesn’t mean tube rollers or aftermarket modifiers can’t attempt to tweak the design if they wish, but there is really no need to do so. The Blue Hawaii SE is aimed toward buyers who wants (and expect) the designer to ferret out the best choices rather than leaving users to “finish” the design by making various parts upgrades. The Blue Hawaii SE falls solidly in the “this product is fully optimized—no further tweaking required” camp.

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