Hegel and Chartwell system

Integrated amplifiers,
Disc players
Chartwell LS6,
Hegel Music Systems H80 amplifier,
Hegel Music Systems Mohican

This is a system that in no small part challenges the concept of synergy. OK, so the CD player and amp are from the same brand, but aside from sharing a remote control, the synergy aspect of this partnership is actually quite low. The player delivers a uniformly good sound, and the amplifier is good at making that sound loud enough to drive some loudspeakers. If you swapped player or amplifier brands, this system wouldn’t decompose as a result. Moreover, and probably more importantly, the expected match between system and loudspeaker didn’t ‘make’ or ‘break’ the system. A system can sometimes be only as good as the sum of its parts, but all of these parts are excellent in their own right, and this time that ‘sum of the parts’ aspect is simply not important.

This is one of those easy bets, a ‘fit and forget’ system that makes a damn good sound, but doesn’t leave you with the drive to improve upon that sound, through judicious tweaks and changes. It is what it is. Instead, what Hegel and Chartwell make here is a system that is easy to live with for the longest time, not some ‘pipe and slippers’ presentation and fun enough to rock out, but not something wild and unstable. In short, the kind of system you never need to fuss about. Best of all, for less than £7,500 all in, this system comes very highly recommended!

Prices and contact details

Chartwell LS6 loudspeakers: £2,195 per pair

Manufacturer: Graham Audio

URL: www.grahamaudio.co.uk

Tel: +44(0)1626 361168

Hegel Mohican CD player: £3,900

Hegel H80 integrated amplifier: £1,350

Manufacturer: Hegel Audio Systems

URL: www.hegel.com

Tel: +47 22 60 56 60


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