Helius Designs Alexia turntable and Omega tonearm

Helius Designs Alexia,
Helius Designs Omega

This is also an exceptionally dynamic combination; switching over to Rachmaninov’s ‘Symphonic Dances’ [Athena], the Helius combination coped with the full onslaught of the orchestra without problem, where so many end up flattening out the highs and lows and burbling along nonchalantly. The obvious parallel is with the classic Voyd turntable (because so many were supplied with Helius arms) and the dynamic range of this deck seems to match that masterpiece, albeit from memory. In fact, dry detail aside, perhaps the only big sonic issue with the Helius is you end up gasping for air after really powerful pieces of music.

OK, so from a traditional turntable perspective, glancing at the side of deck and seeing something that looks like the underside of a car might seem a little odd at first, but the design pays dividends in terms of performance. In a world where there is actually precious little development in turntables – and a lot of hype about recycling the same thing with a different finish – the Helius Alexia and Orion represent a genuinely different and novel approach to getting the job done. That’s well worth checking out.



Type: belt-driven suspended turntable

Speeds: 33/45

Platter: Delrin

Motor: AC asynchronous

Speed control: electronic, push button

Price: £3,500


Type: tonearm

Effective length: 9”

Bearing: tungsten, non-coincident

Price: £1,465

Manufactured by: Helius Designs

URL: www.heliusdesigns.co.uk

Tel: +44(0)1386 830083

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