High Fidelity Cables Orchestral Helix range

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High Fidelity Cables Orchestral Helix
High Fidelity Cables Orchestral Helix range

Unless you are a regular audio show attendee, High Fidelity Cables based out of the Lonestar State in McKinney, Texas might land as a new name to many readers. The High Fidelity Cable company is making a big splash with some fundamentally fresh ideas exhibited in their lineup of power and cabling products. High Fidelity Cables’ unique designs revolve around the understanding of what your stereo chain really is at its essence: a large and complex electromagnet. Starting at your wall outlet, running though your source components, and completed at your beloved loudspeakers, HFC products endeavour to focus and sharpen the effectiveness of the magnetic potential in your system. To appreciate the groundbreaking nature of his products, inventor and CEO Rick Schultz will point you to his company’s seven U.S. patents and ask you to buckle up for a lesson rooted in quantum physics. 

 Mr. Schultz patiently explained to me that the coordinated loom of High Fidelity Cables cabling and power products I was to receive and review are essentially all magnets manipulating electricity (Rick would point out here that electricity is properly referred to as electromagnetism). Rick continued with a reminder that quantum physics shows us that electric particles can not be created or destroyed. High Fidelity Cables’ products utilise magnetic conduction to transfer these ‘always have been’ electrons in the audio signal by the process of inductance via magnetic fields sent through the cables. In order to create electromagnetism in the way we are accustomed to dealing with it in the audio sphere, HFC products create a dipole moment around the charge of the electrons in order to force them to align in a more efficient manner. The resulting ultra-focused audio signal will create more dynamic measurements and will carry significantly less distortion, two worthy prizes that are no doubt are in high demand for music lovers. 

 If you need to take a breath here, please do. I know personally at this point in my discussion with Rick Schultz that my sole college physics course had taken me about as far as I was going to be able to go on this ride. In the interest of not getting too far over my skis when it comes to the complex physics involved, those inclined can read more on HFC’s website and watch a number of well-prepared videos and experiments that help make his points. The good news for those who are not inclined is that Rick Schultz is an affable, down to earth fellow... and as ambassador of his brand he made it a point to end our scientific discussion with the critical point that High Fidelity Cable products will not be judged by anything that can be drawn up on a chalkboard. HFC products will be judged based on are the observations of audiophiles who will use their own ears as the final test of merit. 

 High Fidelity Cables are shipped individually in their own tank-like, locking hard plastic cases that quickly turned my foyer into something resembling a bombproof bunker after receiving close to 10 shipments of cables and power products to start installing. The HFC review loom was comprised of several runs of orchestral helix power cables ($8,050/meter), orchestral helix speaker cables ($9,660/meter, no bi-wire option is available), orchestral helix interconnects and phono interconnects ($6,440/meter), and to cap it off a gorgeous gold finished Orchestra helix power conditioner currently listed at $25,000. Easy for anyone to see that HFC carries top tier pricing intended for top tier systems. Given this reality I won’t run away from the fact that my quite modest review rig (Rega RP-10, Luxman LX-380, PS Audio Stellar Phono, Totem Element Fire V2,etc..) is very likely on the lower end of the HFC loom’s utmost capabilities. While not the six-figure system you might typically outfit with this level of cabling, I stand by my choices in upward looking gear and stand fast it can still shed a bright light on the performance of the HFC cabling loom and power conditioning as a complete unit.

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