HP Adopts “Green” Laptop Batteries from Boston-Power

Boston Acoustics Sonata Batteries
HP Adopts “Green” Laptop Batteries from Boston-Power

According to articles published in The Wall Street Journal (wsj.com) and Greentech Media (greentechmedia.com), Hewlett-Packard has awarded Westborough, MA-based Boston-Power a contract to supply environmentally friendly Sonata lithium-ion batteries for use in HP laptops. According to The Wall Street Journal, this “marks a rare inroad for a U.S. company in the rechargeable battery business for consumer electronics”—a marketplace typically dominated by Sony, Sanyo, and Panasonic.

HP will brand Boston’s Sonata batteries as HP Enviro Series batteries, which will carry a three-year warranty. A separate press release from Boston-Power claims that this is “the longest battery warranty available from any notebook PC provider.” But the long warranty is only one of the benefits of the Sonata battery.

Several key characteristics differentiate Boston-Power’s Sonata battery from earlier generation Lithium-ion batteries:

•    More recharging cycles: Both articles referenced above indicate that Boston’s Sonata battery can be re charged to full capacity more than 1,000 times without losing charging capacity. By comparison, typical lithium-ion batteries show diminished charging capacity after 250 (wsj.com) to 300 (greentechmedia.com) charging cycles.

•    Faster charging times and less heat: Greentech Media quotes Boston-Power CEO Christina Lampe-Onnerud as saying of the Sonata that it “only takes a half an hour to charge one up to 80 percent capacity, versus two hours for a regular battery,” adding that the Sonata “can get to 40 percent in ten minutes.” According to Greentech, “a computer powered by one of the company’s batteries will exude far less waste heat.”

•    Freedom from hazardous materials: Greentech again quotes Lampe-Onnerud as saying “there is also no cadmium, no arsenic and no mercury” inside the Sonata and that the battery’s external wrapper contains no PVC.

HP Enviro Series batteries will be offered as upgrades on select HP notebook computers starting in early 2009
For more information visit: www.boston-power.com


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