Intel's Web On TV Demonstration

Intel's Web On TV Demonstration

Intel was pushing the widget-based web-on-tv model as hard as anyone. What they showed looked very similar to what Samsung had (Yahoo being at the center of both companies work).

Widgets buttons run in a bar on the bottom of the screen.

If you click onĀ  a widget button, the widget opens on the left. Again, you have to click to make the main image drop into a window (as you can see above the main DVD image runs behind the widget). I don't understand why that is a good model, but hey, its software and can be changed or personalized. Intel was also confused about whether web content could just stream to the widget. The latter is such an obvious and superior way of doing things (at least as an option) that it has to come. Intel did show a widget that worked as a ticker on the bottom of the screen, which indicates to me that the OS is capable of streaming and that the designers get it.

If you look at the bottom of the widget tile, you can see four colored buttons. Those correspond to buttons on the remote (with those colors). Naturally some thought has gone into the remote design as part of the overall UI, and Intel claimed extensive user studies had been done (ironically, the demonstrator made this statement to fill in the dead air when she couldn't figure out how to do what I had asked her to do with the system).

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