Introducing the next step in the evolution of the M-Series from Scansonic

- The M-10, M-20 & M-40

Introducing the next step in the evolution of the M-Series from Scansonic

With the introduction of the new M-Series from Scansonic HD, new materials and designs has been incorporated in the well-known M-Series. A new and different driver design, to reassure an even lower level of distortion has been developed for this new series that includes three different speaker models. This is the next and natural step in the evolution of the M-Series.

The M-10, M-20, and the M-40 are all using the same ribbon tweeter that ScansonicHD introduced in the exclusive MB-series a few years ago. A high-resolution ribbon tweeter which is chosen for its musicality and extreme frequency response and not at least for blending seamlessly with the 4” honeycomb enforced glass-fiber bass/midrange drivers.

The M-10, M-20 and M-40 are all using a single or multiple 4” bass/midrange drivers, with a honeycomb enforced glass-fiber design of the actual membrane. This technology in combination with a powerful magnet-system delivers an open and extremely detailed sound. A driver which is capable of being integrated in a speaker design with a ribbon tweeter due to its speed and wide frequency response. 

The new M-series is all about the music!

The M-Series are available in satin black or satin white. 

Supplied with a removable, protective front-grill and adjustable feet.

Designed in Denmark

Recommended Retail Prices:

M-10 (without stand): 649 EUR/800 USD

M-20: 1.499 EUR/1.800 USD

M-40: 1.999 EUR/2.400 USD

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