Kuzma Stabi M turntable

Kuzma M

Turntables are all about the engineering. Although there are exceptions, generally the better the engineering, the better the turntable; and the better the sound as a result. And this is engineering with a capital ‘E’; you could drive a tank over the Stabi M. But, although the suspicion would be this creates an over-engineered design, in fact it creates a turntable that makes many designs sound under-powered and under engineered.

So you are going to need a world-class system to fully realise the potential of the Stabi M (just finding an arm and cartridge suitably resolving to not hold the Stabi M back is likely to set you back several thousand pounds, and any speaker system less than full-range will miss much of the M’s joys), but the end result is like getting the keys to every studio control room in history. Very highly recommended.

Technical Specifications

Speeds: 33, 45, 78

Platter material: aluminium and acrylic

Platter mass: 12 kg 

Bearing type: ruby ball - inverted

Shaft diameter: 16 mm 

Chassis material: aluminium

Motor: 1 DC (three phase)

Includes: Clamp, Mat, Lid, bearing oil, 

Allen keys. Optional armboards (design 

does not allow two arms)

Dimensions (WxDxH): 61x50x29cm

Weight: 60 kg

Price: £12,495

Manufactured by: Kuzma d.o.o.

URL: www.kuzma.sl

Distributed by: Audiofreaks

URL: www.audiofreaks.c

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