Lindemann/ProAc system

Solid-state power amplifiers,
Music servers and computer audio
Lindemann musicbook:25,
Lindemann musicbook:55,
ProAC Response D20R

It really didn’t make much difference what type of music you played through the system; it remained clean, clear, open, and informative. It was always musically charming without being saccharine, insightful without sounding ‘etched’ or hard, and energetic without being over-exuberant.

It’s all too easy to whizz through one’s music collection when streaming on a network. The iPad in your hand invites such a mindset. But through the Lindemann, although such a gallop through my musical past was easy, at no point did I feel the need to do so. I was just happy in the musical moment, and played more albums than snippets. This is a sign of something very ‘right’ going on across the system.

It’s hard to find flaw for the money. No, the system doesn’t have the home-shuddering dynamics, the extraordinary detail and transparency, the volume headroom, the bass extensions, or the seamless coherence of a system costing at least as much as an S-Class Mercedes. And the headphone amp, though good, is no match for the anointed standalone ones. But the thing is the Lindemann/ProAc combo gets close enough. Some think there is no such thing as a law of diminishing returns in audio, but you could be mistaken for concluding that line in the sand is drawn here.

If you listen really hard, you can just about hear the sound of audiophile statues being torn down. This system is part of the quiet revolution that is taking place in audio today. Ten years ago, such a system would have been possible – just – but it wouldn’t have been any good. Such is the delta of change in audio that this system isn’t just possible and isn’t just good, it’s at the core of what good audio is today. And, not long after you read this, the Lindemann will also be able to stream Tidal, Qobuz, and Deezer, adding more functionality and good audio to the mix. It would be excellent if the CD transport interacted more with one of the online music databases, to show more than title and track (such as showing the album cover on the app), and it would be fantastic (if almost impossible) to turn that CD transport into a ripper should you wish, but this is being picky.

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