Linn Majik DSM Network Music Player

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Linn Majik DSM
Linn Majik DSM Network Music Player

At every turn, the Linn Majik DSM proves a forthright, authoritative and, above all, transfixing listen. The clean, straight edges of its sound, the mastery of rhythm and tempo, and its effortless momentum are retained across every input, every storage format and every source component. No recording is too primitive or too complex to break the Majik DSM’s stride – it’s never less than utterly enjoyable to listen to. In other words, a product that sounds like every penny of the asking price, a product with the sonic talent to keep you happy for years. 


Product type: Integrated streaming amplifier with built-in MM phono stage

Amplification type: Class D

Power: 100 watts (into 4ohms), 50 watts (into 8ohms)

Analogue inputs: One MM phono input (via RCA jacks) or one line-level input (via RCA jacks)

Digital inputs: Two S/PDIF (one coaxial, one optical), one USB Type B port, four HDMI inputs, one Ethernet port

Analogue outputs: one line-level output (via RCA jacks)

Digital outputs: One coaxial S/PDIF, one HDMI ARC

Supported sample rates: up to 24bit/192kHz

Dimensions (H×W×D): 100 × 350 × 350mm

Weight: 4.1kg

Price: £2,950

Manufacturer: Linn Products


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